About Us

 The Radiation Association of Singapore (RAD) was founded in 2019 and has members engaged in radiation practice related activities. Members are engaged in a variety of activities designed to ensure the safe use of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation for a wide variety of applications in medicine, pure and applied science, and industry. 

Mission Statement

The primary objective of the society is to promote the principles, and practice of radiation practises and seeks to:

  • Establish, and maintain professional standards

  • Encourage co-operation among persons engaged in radiation related activities

  • Provide for and give support to scientific meetings on topics related to radiation practices

  • Encourage publications in the field of radiation practices 

Our Objectives

As an Industry Body

  • To promote the status and advance the interests of the Industry and Professionals in and associated with the Deployment, Applications, Handling and Safety associated with the use of Ionising and Non-Ionising Radiation.

  • To promote a greater understanding of safe and peaceful use of nuclear materials and radiation in the local, regional and global sphere

  • To educate the general public

  • To promote safety standards, protocols and conditions for the Industry.

As a Professional Group and Trade Association

  • Providing a forum for Industry and Industry professionals, including acting as a platform to engage related professional industry bodies and the relevant authorities


  • To promote collaborative exchanges with regional / global professionals and bodies within this field

  • To acquire and disseminate useful knowledge relating to the Industry and the Association through conferences, lectures,exhibitions, meetings and publications

  • To provide development, recognition and training for professionals within the field including the conduct of examinations  

As an Association

  •  To assist members in procuring economic opportunities                                                                                                                                                                           

  • To procure additional benefits for members 


Established in April 2019

 Necessary Recognition and Affiliation


  • International and Regional industry Groupings and Associations
  • Standards boards (ISO, IEEE, IAEA etc)

* In Progress

Radiation Protection Act 2014 (Singapore)

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Radiation Association of Singapore

Telephone : +65 6342 1530 

Email: enquiry@radassociation.org 

Address: 33 Ubi Ave 3 #06-48, Singapore 408868